Kudos to Carney — from Novak

Bob Novak’s just-published memoir, The Prince of Darkness, includes a very nice tribute to one of his former political reporters — Tim Carney. Friends of CEI also know that Tim was CEI’s 2006 Warren T. Brookes Journalism Fellow. In residence at CEI for a year, Tim himself wrote The BIG Ripoff: How Big Business and Big Government Steal Your Money.

Here’s what Novak wrote about Tim:

But, as in 2002, the exit polls were wrong. The Evans-Novak Political Report, in contrast, was as close to being perfect as it ever had been. ENPR’s heavy lifting for 2004 was done by Tim Carney, maybe my best political reporter since I began hiring them in 1982.

(Thanks to Ivan for the tip — and, no, I haven’t read Novak’s book yet, so I can’t review it.)