Kwame Kilpatrick’s Political Career, R.I.P.

It’s official – Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has admitted to lying under oath and will be resigning within the next 14 days. Mr. Kilpatrick, you will remember, was having an affair with his chief of staff and then used his executive powers to cover it up. He was initially facing 10 felony charges in 2 criminal cases that involved allegations of perjury, obstruction of justice and assault.

“I swear to tell mostly the truth, so help me God”

Kilpatrick had an interesting way of defending himself from the initial allegations – turn the accusation back on the other guy:

“My mother is a congresswoman. There have always been strong women around me. My aunt is a state legislator,” Kilpatrick testified. “I think it’s absurd to assert that every woman that works with a man is a whore. I think it’s disrespectful, not just to Christine Beatty but to women who do the professional job that they do every single day.”

So the fact that his mother is a member of Congress means that he couldn’t possibly be having an affair with his chief of staff? Better yet, by his logic, accusing him of corruptly covering up an inappropriate relationship means that you’re calling all working women whores. That’s quite the rhetorical counter blast, Kwame. Too bad the Detroit Free Press ended up with text messages that proved you and your chief of staff were lying through your collective teeth.