Let Friedman Reign?

I have a review of Tom Friedman’s new blockbuster Hot Flat & Crowded in the latest issue of The American Spectator. I’m not a fan, to say the least. Here’s the introduction:

Thomas Friedman has come up with a grand unifying theory for combating existential threats. The left worry about global warming and 14 inches of sea level rise extinguishing modern civilization and the right to choose. Neocons worry about evil Muslims lurking behind the bushes ready to set off one of their millions of dirty bombs in suburban malls. Neither worry is particularly realistic, yet they dominate much of American politics. Friedman has a solution to them both, which he calls Code Green. In Hot Flat and Crowded, he suggests that by the one simple, affordable step of, err, completely re-engineering the way we power America, we will stop global warming, destroy Islamic fundamentalism and reinvigorate America’s position in the world at a stroke. Oh, and he can completely reform China too. This is, in short, the biggest conflation of wishful thinking, confused priorities and megalomania that I have ever seen.

It’s not online until the second week of November, so if you’re interested, go out and buy a copy of this excellent magazine now!