Let Them Drink Tap

Some lawmakers maintain that energy needed to transport the bottled water is too high for the value that the product brings. Let everyone drink tap, they maintain.

San Francisco and some other cities are taking a stand by removing bottled water from government agencies, and some restaurants are taking it off the menu too. This is pure silliness, but it gets much worse.

Salt Lake City’s Mayor Rocky Anderson had decided that city government workers will be prohibited from bringing bottled water to work–including firefighters. Yes, that’s right. Firefighters will no longer be able to quickly grab some bottled water after they emerge from burning buildings. Instead, they will have to queue up to get their water in their refillable containers. Two additional personnel will be dispatched to each fire to refill on the scene. You may be laughing—BUT THIS IS PRETTY SAD!

Don’t worry—the mayor says the city will reverse the policy if it doesn’t work. Bet that’s a real comfort to the firefighters who get to the guinea pigs for this crazy policy!

Oh, and if you are a member of the United Church of Canada, drinking bottled water might be a sin, which is why the Church is urging its nearly 600,000 member to drink tap. Okay, you can laugh now.

And for what? Supposedly, changing to tap water will help relieve global warming. We can all sleep better now, right? Nope–but don’t lose sleep either. Whether you drink tap or bottled, it won’t make any difference.