Liberal Reporter: Nation of Islam is Civil Rights Group

Liberal reporter Darryl Fears, who covers racial and civil-rights issues for the Washington Post, has a truly odd perspective.  In an article on the declining membership and relevance of civil-rights groups, Fears cites the replacement of a “liberal leader” with a “conservative” as head of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) as the lead example of how civil rights groups “sometimes hurt themselves,” giving that priority over a notorious sexual harassment scandal at the NAACP.   Apparently, Fears thinks it’s better for a group to be plagued by scandal than led by a conservative.

Stranger still is Fairs’ lament about the decline of the racist, anti-semitic Nation of Islam, which has said that Judaism is a “gutter religion,” and claims that white people are evil mutants created centuries ago by a mad scientist.  Fears classifies those racist wackos as a civil rights group, citing their declining “membership numbers” as an example of civil rights “groups’ decline.”

Fears’ ideological bias sheds new light on why Fears’ reporting on the Justice Department has been so consistently slanted against the Bush Administration (which has been more reluctant than the preceding administration to interpret the civil rights laws and voting-rights laws as mandating racial preferences and race-based outcomes).