LibertyWeek 20: The Future Is Cao?

Welcome back to LibertyWeek, where your hosts Richard Morrison and Cord Blomquist bring you the best in news and views, always from the perspective of free markets and limited government. We start this week’s episode with praise for the new look and feel of the blog you want to read. We then move on to the most delicious edition of Scandal Watch yet — the arrest of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich on federal charges of “staggering” corruption. After that we look at the demise of Rep. William “Freezer Cash” Jefferson, the rise of Rep.-Elect Anh “Joseph” Cao (pictured, right), investigations into the mortgage mess, how taxpayers get trashed by recycling mandates and a debate over the ethics of scalping tickets in Olympic News.

# Special thanks to Josh Barro for the Tweet of the Week.