LibertyWeek 23: Madoff About You

Happy New Year, LibertyWeek listeners. We celebrate a fresh start with a holiday health update and move quickly into the biggest story Scandal Watch has seen yet – Bernard Madoff’s (allegedly) massive $50 billion (alleged) investment fraud, including its impact on non-profit organizations like The Innocence Project. We review another chapter from the Nanny State Diaries in which British drivers are being asked to give up control over their speedometers, and report of the scandalous spread of federal crime spurred on by the arrival of The Greatest Depression. Moving on to Technology News, we take the Australian government to task for their attempts at Internet censorship (thanks for the heads-up, World Socialist Web Site!) and discuss the controversy over new Top Level Domain names. Finally, Olympic News brings us to worries over Vancouver 2010 and some accomplishments to be proud of by the London 2012 organizing committee.

Listen here.