LibertyWeek 30: Whole Lott-a Love

Welcome to Episode 30 of everyone’s favorite podcast LibertyWeek, with your hosts Richard Morrison and Cord Blomquist and very special guest Jeremy Lott. We start with the end of the U.S. economy as we have known it: the $790 billion economic stimulus plan and its chilling consequences. We take note of Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit’s pledge to work for $1 a year and celebrate some good news with Alabama’s plan to legalize beer with a higher alcohol content than most wines. We then enlist our listeners to defend against the War on St. Valentine’s Day and move on to Scandal Watch: Judd Gregg edition.

The highlight of our program comes with our interview with writer, raconteur and bon vivant around town Jeremy Lott. He talks about his book, The Warm Bucket Brigade: The Story of the American Vice Presidency, about Presidents’ Day and the best lunch to pack when hunting with Sarah Palin. Jeremy also takes on the much-anticipated Cool v. Drool Vice Presidential Snap Judgment Lightning Round. Finally we take some legal counsel with this week’s edition of Olympic News.