LOST Treaty One Step Closer to Ratification

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has scheduled the Law of the Sea Treaty for a possible vote this Wednesday, and both opponents and proponents of the treaty are gearing up for an intensified fight. Over at Redstate.com, Steve Foley summarizes the worried responses from the pro-U.N. group Citizens for Global Solutions and liberal blog The Washington Note as some senators start to express doubts about LOST.

At National Review Online, Hudson Institute Senior Fellow John Fonte weighs in on the treaty. He responds to proponent’s “core argument…that we need ‘a seat at the table’ to influence the rules,” noting that such a seat would come with a very small voice.

[T]he State Department would have a seat at the table with 155 other nations in a “one nation—one vote” situation at the International Seabed Authority. We would have as much influence as we do in the U.N. General Assembly, where we are constantly outvoted.

Stay tuned.