Lucy’s “Top Twaddlers”

I missed reading the Financial Times yesterday (Fred stole it), so missed until today Lucy Kellaway’s riotous column where she gives business jargon awards for the year.  Don’t miss it yourself.  You’ll also get a chance to hear one of her winners in the category “Company Song So Awful I Was Positive It Was a Spoof.”

Here’s what Lucy has to say about this special award:

The outstanding winner in this category is Shell. Its song is called “Growing and Winning” and is set to “We Are the World”. “We have moved on, growing day by day/Sharing strengths, we practise what is best/We are all a part of Shell’s global family/Doing work aligned with everyone.” It is a haunting mixture of pyschobabble, sentimentality and business jargon.

(Tip from B. Rippel)