Malthusian Indoctrination of Children Funded with Your Tax Dollars

Many people are familiar with Annie Leonard, creator of “The Story of Stuff,” a factually inaccurate viral video being shown in classrooms throughout America. In the video, Leonard argues that we are running out of resources, using too much stuff, destroying the planet and anti-capitalist values are the solution to the problem. It is bad enough that “Green Journalists” push Leonard’s falsehoods, and some teachers think her work has educational value, but now I just learned that your tax dollars are funding Annie’s latest project.

Loop Scoops is a new kids program on PBS where Annie is the content director. The cartoon is geared to children 6 to 9 years of age where they are taught that juice boxes are destroying the planet, consuming less is inherently good for society and we are using too many resources. Sadly, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Environmental Protection Agency provided the funding, which means your tax dollars are paying for it.

The video below highlights one of the videos within Loop Scoops.

I’ve heard some people ask me why we shouldn’t teach kids to recycle. The answer is because we are not running out of landfill space, we are not running out of resources and recycling is not always the right thing to do. Just read the Eight Great Myths of Recycling to understand why tax dollars should not be used to indoctrinate kids to fear their juice boxes.  Kids should be able to enjoy their childhoods without being bombarded with Malthusian propaganda.