Many Republican Campaign Signs Disappear or are Stolen

Enraged Democrats in Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District attacked GOP activists and yanked signs for candidate Rob Hurt (R) off of private property.  Hurt is in a tight race with Congressman Tom Perriello (D).  The video can be found here.

Newsmax reports that in the Maryland governor’s race, many signs for GOP candidate Bob Ehrlich have been removed from private property.  Homeowners who witnessed the removal of signs on their property say that state employees acting on orders of Maryland’s governor, Martin O’Malley (D), removed the signs and told the homeowners that they had been ordered to do so by Governor O’Malley’s Administration and been paid overtime to do so.  O’Malley denies ordering the state workers to remove the signs.

There are reports that innumerable signs opposing Congressman Jim Matheson (D) are being removed by Matheson supporters in Utah.