Maybe There’s Hope for Health Care Repeal

Rarely, if ever, does Congress ever undo bad legislation, which makes the future of health care look rather grim. However, there is at one positive precedent. In 1989, Congress repealed the the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act because of protests by angry senior citizens. Check out this YouTube video of a righteous crowd of senior citizens following then Ways and Means Chairman Dan Rostenkowski into his car protesting that law. David Hyman notes on the Volokh Conspiracy noted back in August:

Representative Rostenkowski got out of the car and ran a block, chased by the crowd. He was then picked up by his car and whisked away. The incident resulted in front page coverage nationwide. The TV news ran footage of Rostenkowski fleeing from his constituents. Rostenkowski reportedly asked his press secretary whether the issue would go away in a few days, and was told “Let me put it this way Congressman. When you die, they will play this clip on television.” Three months later, the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act was repealed.

Today’s health care issue may have different angles, but surely there are plenty angry people to step up to the plate. So many people have so much to lose with this new law.

Image credit: Taken from the Volokh Conspiracy post where Hyman notes that this picture “appeared in Newsweek and the Chicago Sun Times, and was taken by Tom Cruze”