Meet the New Change, Same as the Old Change?

One of the most important questions in the global warming
debate is how modern changes in observed average temperatures compare to previous,
documented changes in global climate. Next week, that question will be at the
center of a congressional staff briefing to be hosted by the Center for Science & Public Policy
at Frontiers of Freedom:

Climate has naturally changed for
over 4 billion years, warmer and colder, over many time scales. It continues to
change. The question is whether or not humans have significant effect on the
rates and amplitude of change. The null hypothesis is that current changes do
not exceed those of the recent or geological past. Dr. Lee C. Gerhard will
examine past climate change history, human effects, and natural process
effects, and propose an experiment that may resolve the debate.

Date: Wednesday,
September 20th

Place: 1334
Longworth HOB

Time: 11:30am
— 1:00pm

Lunch served

Email to Bob Ferguson or call
703-246-0110 (x305) to register.