Milton and Rose Friedman, Partners in Liberty

This week, the world has lost a champion of economic freedom, Rose Friedman.  While her Nobel Laureate husband, the late Milton Friedman, won widespread public acclaim, Rose was an accomplished economist, author, and champion of liberty in her own right.

Together, the Friedmans co-wrote the seminal book and co-produced the television series “Free to Choose,” which introduced many people to the ideas of free markets and economic liberty.  The Friedmans’ work together continues to be immensely invaluable to the cause of liberty.

Sadly, Rose’s death and that of Milton only three years earlier ends one of the world’s most successful “ideological” marriage partnerships.  Together, Rose and Milton were a far more formidable force for liberty than either would have been alone. As such, they inspired many others to to become “double partners” in the struggle for liberty. My wife Fran and I, Joe and Diane bast, Ed and Kristina Crane, Don and Karol Boudreaux, Amy and David Ridenour, John and Jeanette Goodman, Bill and Rebecca Dunn, and Kathy and the late Bill Bradford are among those who can look to the Friedmans as examples.

In these dark political days, having someone to support one’s convictions and efforts is more important than ever. Rose and Milton provided an example of how married partners could be each other’s “wing men” — we should work to emulate it.

Addendum: One sometimes overlooks things close to home.  I did forget a few (possibly more).  One, however, merits attention:  Terry and Matt Kibbe are another Liberty Couple that merits inclusion on this list (Terry formerly worked with CEI).  Mea Culpa!