Minnesota Vote Manipulation Likely Overturns Key Senate Election

The Minnesota Senate election was very close:  GOP incumbent Norm Coleman led liberal ex-comedian Al Franken by just 725 votes.  As a result, Franken demanded a recount.   The Minnesota Canvassing Board is mischievously changing the result of the election by treating clear votes for Coleman as non-votes, or even as votes for Franken.   Liberal blogs like Daily Kos are already celebrating the anticipated result of the shenanigans: a Franken win.  The Minnesota Secretary of State, who oversees voting, is backed by the left-wing groups MoveOn.Org and ACORN.  ACORN has a long history of voter fraud and financial fraud.  Local election officials have also contrived to inflate Franken’s vote totals, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Seizing the Minnesota Senate seat will give Democrats a commanding majority of 59 seats in the Senate, allowing them to defeat almost all filibusters.  If the Democrats get a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, they’ll pass so-called “card-check” legislation, abolishing the secret ballot in elections over whether to unionize a workplace. Congressional leaders and Obama have backed card-check legislation, which could lead to intimidation and bullying aimed at employees who do not want to work in a union shop.   Clayton Cramer, who grew up in a union household, explains why the “card-check” bill favored by liberal lawmakers and Obama may lead to physical intimidation of workers, and recounts how workers in the past were subjected to beatings and worse for criticizing union conduct or declining to join a union.

The Powerline blog features continued coverage of the Minnesota Senate election shenanigans. A Bloomberg News commentary also discusses the shenanigans in Minnesota.