More confused conservatives

I have recently published several op eds on how the European Right has adopted the environmental policy of the Left, embracing greater interventions in the lives of individuals, rather than finding an environmental policy that promotes economic growth and individual liberty. This debacle from Sweden is another example of my point.

The youth and student organizations of the Swedish Conservative party have traditionally been the ideological greenhouse and gatekeepers of the party. The leder of the youth organization, Niklas Wykman, recently raised internal fury when he stated “Why cannot white, middle aged men use public transport” and “it should hurt to use a car where there is public transport.”

Freelancer Thomas Gür wrote a wonderful column criticizing the confused young man, where Gür points out that adopting the language of the Left will lead one to the policy of the Left. This is not something the Conservative party, which has nurtured several brilliant libertarian intellectuals over the decade, is served by.

Wykman has already stated that he does not think that the youth organization should be the party’s intellectual guardian anymore, which is a loss for Swedish politics.