More Kudos for Carney

When Fran returned my copy of Bob Novak’s memoirs, I just happened to open the book to yet another mention of our good friend and former Brookes Fellow Tim Carney — this one just as complimentary, though it didn’t make it into the index (this on one page 583; the one Fran cites is on page 627).

By 2002, I had delegated heavy-duty reporting on congressional races to my excellent reporter, Tim Carney. Thanks to Carney, the Evans-Novak Political Report was never more accurate. In the Senate, we hit the results on the nose: a gain of two Senate seats, giving back the majority to Republicans fifty-one to forty-nine. In the House we predicted a Republican increase of seven seats, one more than the actual gain of six that extended the Republican majority to twenty-five years.

Congratulations, Tim — but where do you keep that crystal ball?