More loony left blather on card check

Today’s Wall Street Journal features a truly ridiculous letter by Mary Beth Maxwell, who heads the far-Left pro-organized labor group American Rights at Work, in which she hyperventilates over a recent Journal interview with Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, whom she derides as “one of the most anti-worker secretaries of labor in history.”

Of course, when people like Maxwell say “worker” they really mean “union.” In this case “anti-worker” means “anti-not letting unions do whatever they want to corral new members” — which the so-called Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), would do.

By allowing unions to circumvent secret ballot organizing elections by getting workers to sign union cards, EFCA would expose workers to the kind of high-pressure tactics which secret ballots are intended to avoid in the first place — from whatever party. And if union organizers are so worried about intimidation by employers, what good would it do to have employees sign cards out in the open?

The EFCA is about increasing union numbers, nothing else. Finally, why would a group called American Rights at Work need an “international advisor” (former U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson) on its board?

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