Morning Media Summary


US launches smartphone privacy probe:
“A criminal investigation has been launched in the US into suspected privacy lapses in the applications that run on Apple and Google smartphones, says the maker of one of the most popular mobile apps.”
3DS refund row hits Nintendo:
“Record return levels were reported after thousands suffered headaches and dizziness. Many only got some cash back from shops – or nothing at all.”

Google Said to Be Possible Target of U.S. FTC Antitrust Probe:
“Google Inc. (GOOG)’s dominance of the Internet-search industry is being considered for a broad antitrust investigation by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, two people familiar with the matter said.”

Global Warming / Environment / Energy:

Kyoto pact rift threatens progress at U.N. climate talks:
“Poorer nations upped the ante on rich countries at U.N. climate talks on Tuesday by demanding that the world’s main climate treaty be extended from 2013 and for industrialised countries to deepen carbon-cutting pledges.”

Insurance / Gambling:

Dotty’s: Legal Tavern or Illegal Casino?:
“Dotty’s Gaming and Spirits has 64 locations across Nevada. Whether Dotty’s is a legal tavern or an illegal casino is now the target of a county-wide debate.”

Health / Safety:

Senate to vote to repeal small part of health law:
“Congress is poised to send the White House its first rollback of last year’s health care law, a bipartisan repeal of a burdensome tax reporting requirement that’s widely unpopular with businesses. Even President Barack Obama is eager to see it gone.”

F.A.A. to Order Airlines to Inspect 737s for Cracks:
“The Federal Aviation Administration announced on Monday that it would require extensive inspections of some older-model Boeing 737s for cracks in the planes’ fragile skin that can be caused by pressurization and depressurization of the cabin over tens of thousands of takeoffs and landings.”


March Madness: U.S. Gov’t Spent More Than Eight Times Its Monthly Revenue:
“The U.S. Treasury has released a final statement for the month of March that demonstrates that financial madness has gripped the federal government.”


Apple wins: Judge reverses $625.5 million patent judgment previously award to Mirror Worlds:
“A federal judge today reversed a $625.5 million judgement against Apple in a patent infringement lawsuit pertaining to Apple’s Cover Flow feature. The lawsuit was filed by Mirror Worlds, a company founded by Yale professor Dave Gelertner.”

Appeals Court Knocks Down Verizon Net Neutrality Challenge:
“An appeals court Monday dismissed Verizon’s challenge of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s December net neutrality ruling, calling it premature.”


White House silence on shutdown ‘inexcusable,’ unions say:
“Federal employee unions lashed out at the Obama administration Monday for withholding plans for a government shutdown four days before Congress must agree on a budget for the rest of the fiscal year or risk furloughing workers across the country.”

Union trying to save jobs in health:
“The largest health care union in Massachusetts launched a media blitz yesterday, complete with television ads, aimed at protecting members’ jobs and highlighting the need for retraining those who do get axed at hospitals as the Patrick administration turns up the heat on cutting health care costs.”

Transportation/ Land Use:

Amtrak wants $1.3B to use toward high-speed rail tunnels between N.J., N.Y.:
“Amtrak is seeking nearly $1.3 billion to speed trains between Boston and Washington.”