Morning Media Summary


On The Money: Internet Police:
“With California deep in debt, a controversial plan has emerged that calls for private vendors to monitor what you buy on the Internet.”

Global Warming / Environment / Energy:

All Eyes on the Mississippi River:
“The Mississippi River continues to rise, so much so that its tributaries are starting to flow backwards. At Tom Lee Park, preps for Memphis in May continue knowing that the worst is still yet to come.”

Workers enter Japan nuclear reactor building:
“Workers entered one of the damaged reactor buildings at Japan’s stricken nuclear power plant Thursday for the first time since it was rocked by an explosion in the days after a devastating earthquake, the country’s nuclear safety agency said.”

Obama floats plan to tax cares by the mile:

“The Obama administration has floated a transportation authorization bill that would require the study and implementation of a plan to tax automobile drivers based on how many miles they drive.”

Insurance / Gambling:

Coakley: State must prepare to fight crime related to legal gambling:
“Attorney General Martha Coakley said state legislators pushing to bring legal gaming to Massachusetts must be prepared “to build in a huge cost” associated with enforcing laws aimed at stopping criminal enterprises, including money laundering operations.”

Health / Safety:

Food Prices Rise to Near-Record as Inflation Accelerates:
“World food prices rose to near a record in April as grain costs advanced, adding pressure to inflation that is accelerating from Beijing to Brasilia and spurring central banks to raise interest rates.”

About 1 in 7 in U.S. Receive Food Stamps:
“Growth in the food stamp program appeared to reach a plateau in February — with 14.3% of the population relying on the safety net program.”

House puts health care measure on Fla. Ballot:
“The Republican-controlled Florida Legislature has put an amendment on next year’s ballot aimed at thwarting the federal health care overhaul.”


Okla. Economy growing in spite of high fuel prices:
“Rising fuel prices haven’t hurt Oklahoma’s growing economy yet, state Treasurer Ken Miller said Tuesday, but he expressed concern about their effect as time goes on.”


ACLU sues Utah over new immigration law:
“Two national organizations are suing Utah to halt a new immigration law they claim encourages racial profiling.”


Boeing Slams Labor Board Over Union Complaint:
“In a scalding letter, Boeing called on the federal labor board to withdraw its complaint accusing the aerospace giant of retaliating against a local union by opening a production line at a non-union site.”

Transportation/ Land Use:

David Begg: High-speed line too important to be derailed:
“IF Yorkshire and the North does not step up and make a strong case for high-speed rail, I fear that this once-in-a-generation opportunity to re-draw the economic ma