Morning Media Summary


D.C. schools investigate security breaches in 2011 tests:
“D.C. school officials are investigating 14 security breaches by students and teachers during last month’s standardized testing, after throwing out last year’s scores from three classrooms with “evidence or a strong suspicion of a test security violation.””

Intel speeds up road map to tackle threat from ARM:

“Intel will dramatically shake up its microprocessor road map to meet the demand for very-low-power processors and to fend off the competitive threat from rival chip design company ARM, CEO Paul Otellini said Tuesday.”

Global Warming / Environment / Energy:

Keystone XL Suit: Environmental Groups Target Hillary Clinton Over Oil Pipeline Documents:
“A coalition of environmental and ethics groups sued Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the U.S. State Department on Wednesday over documents relating to a contentious oil pipeline that would link Canada’s oil sands to oil refineries in the southern United States.”

Insurance / Gambling:

Casino Regulator Fines Genting Singapore Resort:

“Singapore’s casino regulator has fined the casino resort run by Genting Singapore PLC for violations of the city-state’s rules governing gaming resorts.”

Health / Safety:

Meet the woman allergic to electricity:
“Janice Tunnicliffe spends every night playing Scrabble by candlelight with her husband because she claims to have a rare condition called electrosensitivity.”


Sen. Tester Backpedals In Multi-Billion-Dollar Swipe Fee Fight:
“On Wednesday, Sen. Jon Tester softened his call for a two-year delay of the regulatory crackdown on debit card swipe fees. In the face of heated opposition from virtually the entire American retail industry, the Montana Democrat shortened his proposed waiting period to 15 months.”


Oh my: Documents reveal that Kagan may have helped craft legal defense of ObamaCare:
“She won’t recuse herself, needless to say. Defending their signature domestic “achievement” when it’s under mortal threat from a constitutional challenge is much, much more important to the left than observing ethical rules. Which is why, of course, they’ve been hassling Clarence Thomas about a supposed conflict of interest in his own right vis-a-vis ObamaCare. They know Kagan is compromised, so they’re setting up a “tu quoque” rejoinder for when, not if, the GOP takes up this point in earnest.”


State AFL-CIO head says unions have not encouraged anti-Walker boycott efforts:
“In April 2011, the Wisconsin Grocers Association issued an alert to its members warning that protests against Republican Gov. Scott Walker were about to escalate. Store owners were told activists were planning a May 1 campaign to slap stickers on several products to express anti-Walker sentiments.”

Transportation/ Land Use:

China Orders Construction Halt on High-Speed Rail:
“China ordered a halt to construction of one of its high-speed rail lines due to violations of environmental rules, the latest sign of greater government scrutiny toward a high-profile project that has already been jolted by corruption and debt concerns.”