Morning Media Summary


Key Internet summit to discuss online:
“The world’s most powerful Internet and media barons gathered in Paris on Tuesday in a show of strength to leaders at the G8 summit, amid rows over online copyright, regulation and human rights.”

Senate debates president’s power during cyber-attack:
“Senators squared off with Obama administration officials Monday about plans to give the president emergency powers to protect vital U.S. electronic networks from attacks by hackers, cyberterrorists and foreign governments.”

Global Warming / Environment / Energy:

Tornado Took Direct Aim at Joplin:
“Weather experts said it’s unusual for deadly tornadoes to develop a few weeks apart in the U.S. But what made the two storm systems that barreled through a Missouri city and the South within the last month so rare is that tornadoes took direct aim at populated areas.”

Insurance / Gambling:

Economists find evidence of skill in poker:
“Steven Levitt of “Freakonomics” fame plays poker. His wife loves to play more than him, as he has written on his blog.”

Health / Safety:

New Zealand Casino Staff Forced To Wear Flea Collars to Keep Blood Suckers At Bay:
“Workers at the casino in New Zealand’s largest city have been forced to wear flea collars to work in a bid to ward off the blood-sucking critters, the New Zealand Herald reported Tuesday.”


Joe Walsh: Scott Brown ‘Should Be Ashamed Of Himself’:
“Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) took issue with Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) coming out against a contentious plan to reform Medicare introduced by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) during an appearance on Fox Business Network on Monday night.”

Treasurer says he would call bond houses, warn lending to Illinois:
“Illinois chief fiscal officer said Monday he is willing to dial up the bond houses and finance companies to alert them that lending the state more money, as Gov. Pat Quinn has proposed, would be a “major risk.””


Supreme Court orders California to release tens of thousands of prisons inmates:
“The Supreme Court ordered California on Monday to release tens of thousands of its prisoners to relieve overcrowding, saying that “needless suffering and death” had resulted from putting too many inmates into facilities that cannot hold them in decent conditions.”


Union: State could save big by changing worker/manager ratio:
“State government is top-heavy and Michigan could save tens of millions of dollars by bringing the ratio of workers to managers more in line with other states, a coalition of state employee unions said today.”

Transportation/ Land Use:

GOP pushes private rail investment:
“Republicans on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will press the Obama administration this week to rely more on private investment for a high-speed rail project in the Northeast.”