Morning Media Summary


EBay and PayPal sue Google over trade secrets:
“EBay and its online payment unit, PayPal Inc, on Thursday sued Google Inc and two executives for stealing trade secrets related to mobile payment systems.”

Amazon challenges Apple with Mac app download store:
“Amazon today launched a Mac-specific application download store that will compete with Apple’s nearly five-month-old Mac App Store.”

Google unveils mobile wallet service:
“Google on Thursday unveiled a mobile wallet platform and field tests in New York and San Francisco that will let people with special phones pay for goods in retail shops by tapping the phones against a payment terminal.”

China Confirms Existence of Elite Cyber-Warfare Outfit the ‘Blue Army’:
“China set up a specialized online “Blue Army” unit that it claims will protect the People’s Liberation Army from outside attacks, prompting fears that the crack team was being used to infiltrate foreign governments’ systems.”

Global Warming / Environment / Energy:

Seismologists Tried for Manslaughter for Not Predicting Earthquake:
“Earthquake prediction can be a grave, and faulty science, and in the case of Italian seismologists who are being tried for the manslaughter of the people who died in the 2009 L’Aquila quake, it can have legal consequences.”

Insurance / Gambling:

Iowa Politics Insider: Bill calling for online poker study is signed:
“Gov. Terry Branstad on Thursday signed a gambling bill that could set the stage for a full debate next year on legalizing Internet poker within the state’s borders.”

Health / Safety:

Social media creates new teen ailment – ‘Facebook depression’:
“Doctors say what may seem fun and innocent may actually be leading teens into what’s being termed “Facebook Depression.””

Southeast students served raw onions as snack:
“No matter how you slice it, the days of milk and cookies are long gone as schools aim to provide students with healthy fruits and vegetables as snacks.”


Pricey Trash Cans Stolen From City Streets:
“KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin reports 50 trash cash cans have been snatched off the streets. They are worth about $1,000 each.”


Patriot Act clears House, Sentate:
“Capping a week of political bickering and parliamentary delays, the House joined the Senate on Thursday to pass a four-year extension of key provisions of the Patriot Act that was set to expire at midnight.”


SEIU tactics called ruthless before Hill panel:
“When officials from the Service Employees International Union tried to organize his management-services business in December 2005, David Bego’s refusal to sign a neutrality agreement with union organizers before the vote landed him in a battle he says took four years and cost him $1 million.”

Transportation/ Land Use:

Lawmaker wants to put Amtrak service up for bid:
“Congress would take away Amtrak’s popular Northeast corridor train service and invite private investors to bid for the right to develop high-speed rail under a plan outlined by a key House Republican on Thursday.”