Morning Media Summary


Google’s Android ambitions go beyond mobile:
“Andy Rubin, Google’s (GOOG) top mobile-phone executive, likes to talk about everything being “Android-ized.” Android has become the top smartphone operating system in the United States, but Google’s ambitions for it go well beyond tablet computers and smartphones, even beyond the mobile Web.”

House Bill Would Require Companies to Report Privacy Breaches:
“Rep. Mary Bono Mack, R-Calif., is circulating draft legislation that would require companies to provide a basic level of protection for consumers’ personal information and notify the government when data is stolen.”

Global Warming / Environment / Energy:

British Study: Electric Cars Not So Green:
“The past few days have been a one-two punch to the eco-friendly market. First we heard that biodegradable products are not nearly as environmentally friendly as advertised, and now this:”

Oil-giant Venezuela tries to limit energy use:
“Venezuela, one of the world’s leading oil producers, is trying to limit its power consumption as the country’s decrepit power utilities struggle to keep up with the demand.”

Insurance / Gambling:

Miami-Dade Police Gaming-machine raids raise legal, political questions:
“Posing as a gambler, an undercover Miami-Dade police detective won $25 playing the video-gaming machines at the Lucky 7 Arcade on Bird Road.”

Health / Safety:

Red tape cited in health gap for young:
“Many children are going without health insurance, despite the state’s universal insurance law, because of confusing rules about how to sign up and when to renew the government-subsidized coverage, according to findings to be released today by consumer advocates.”


Obama jokes about ‘shovel-ready projects’:
“While meeting with his Jobs and Competitiveness Council today in Durham, N.C., President Obama cracked wise about one of his administration’s early catchphrases.”


Pa. judge: No expulsion for kindergarten touching:
“A judge has overturned a kindergartner’s expulsion from a Philadelphia charter school for touching his teacher’s thighs after she complained that her legs hurt.”


SEIU/AFSCME joint action during today’s bargaining:
“SEIU negotiators were supposed to come out and fill the protestors in on where contract talks stand, but they weren’t able to leave the table. So a union rep filled everyone in on the current state of play over a bullhorn, and then SEIU Executive Director Heather Conroy marched them around the parking lot and led them in loud chants. The action started around 3 p.m. and lasted about 20 minutes in all.”

Transportation/ Land Use:

High-speed rail link set for launch:
“The high-speed railway linking Beijing to Shanghai, which will open later this month, is safe and reliable and the reduction in operating speed is to maximize efficiency, rail authorities said on Monday.”