Morning Media Summary


Google’s Schmidt unfazed by antitrust probes:
“Google is co-operating with a US antitrust investigation but is confident it has done nothing illegal to secure its position as the dominant search provider in the country, executive chairman Eric Schmidt said on Monday.”

Global Warming / Environment / Energy:

Bastardi on learning from the past
“If you knew about the climate and nation’s weather the way I have to, you would see the links between what happened from 1925 to 1950 and what is going on now. During that time, we were in a warm version of the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic turned warm, and the weather went haywire. And there were other challenges as great as the weather facing the nation.”

Insurance / Gambling:

New gaming laws ‘to improve transparency’:
“The Government is strengthening the powers of the Gaming and Racing Commission as the local regulator.”

Health / Safety:

Docs Want TV Fast-Food Ads Banned From Kids’ Shows
“Fast food ads on TV are making American youth fatter and should be banned in children’s programming, an influential group of doctors said Monday.”


US Debt Deadline Unlikely to Deviate Much:
“U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is not expected to significantly shift the Aug. 2 date when the government will have exhausted all of its emergency measures to stave off default, a source familiar with the administration’s efforts said Monday.”


Supreme Court strikes down Arizona law aimed to level the campaign playing field:
“The United States Supreme Court today struck down an Arizona law that would have given publicly financed candidates for political office additional subsidies for every dollar that privately financed opponents raised over state spending limits. According to The National Journal:”

Report: Obama Films Campaign Ad In White House, Possibly Violating FEC Laws?:
“NRO’s Jim Geraghty raises the question of whether Barack Obama filmed a video for his reelection campaign in the White House, which may possibly be a violation of federal election laws.”


AFSCME, SEIU Contract Terms Disclosed:
“The deals were announced earlier this week, but the administration and union leaders held off on announcing specifics until after the contract proposals were taken up at ratification meetings scheduled for today.”

Transportation/ Land Use:

China Unveils Pricey High Speed Rail Route
“This week China is showing-off its flagship high-speed rail route between its financial hub Shanghai and the capital Beijing. Travelling at 300 kilometers per hour, it radically cuts the travel times between the two cities, covering the roughly 1,300 kilometers in less than five hours.”