Morning Media Summary


Amazon seeks ballot measure to undo California tax:
“The attorney general’s office received the petition on Friday and will prepare a title and summary for the initiative, which would require nearly 434,000 voters’ signatures to qualify for the ballot, the spokeswoman said.”

Police: Internet providers must keep user logs:
“Law enforcement representatives are planning to endorse a proposed federal law that would require Internet service providers to store logs about their customers for 18 months, CNET has learned.”

Global Warming / Environment / Energy

Gore Launches ‘Climate Reality Project, ‘Asks people to ‘Reject Mistruths’ About ‘Climate Crisis’:
“Former vice-president Al Gore is back with a new global warming campaign. This morning, he announced the launch of “The Climate Reality Project,“ an initiative he claims is intended to ”…broadcast the reality of the climate crisis.””

Insurance / Gambling:

Rep. Polis on debt: tax pot, gambling:
“The federal government should legalize and tax marijuana and internet gambling to help get the country out of the current debt crisis, writes Rep. Jared Polis, a second-term Colorado Democrat, on Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal op-ed page.”

Health / Safety:

Sebelius: You know, there’s no better business incentive than a government mandate:
“So says Kathleen Sebelius in defending the ObamaCare mandate on small businesses of 50 or more employees. CNS News asked the question of whether the mandate might not keep small business owners from hiring that 50th employee as a means to avoid paying either government fines or health insurance policies. Au contraire, says Sebelius — businesses are actually looking forward to being forced into paying more overhead:”


Paul Krugman: I didn’t mean that stimulus:
“Paul Krugman now says that some kinds of Keynesian stimulus spending just aren’t as effective as other kinds. Specifically, he suggests, aid to state and local governments (to enable them to keep government workers in their jobs) is a sort of second-class stimulus:”

Immelt: Businesses must do more on jobs:
“The head of General Electric told a jobs summit at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Monday that businesses needed to take the lead on job creation.”


Police charge mother in Nashville airport altercation:
“A 41-year-old Clarksville woman was arrested after Nashville airport authorities say she was belligerent and verbally abusive to security officers, refusing for her daughter to be patted down at a security checkpoint.”

SEIU Men Acquitted of Beating Black Tea Partier:
“Hours ago a a St. Louis county jury found Elston McCowan and Perry Molens not guilty in the videotaped beating of Kenneth Gladney.”

Transportation/ Land Use:

Flagship China rail line hit by power outages:
“Travellers waiting for delayed trains also found that the gleaming new stations along the line lacked snack shops and comfortable waiting rooms. An attendant told one waiting passenger to walk to a nearby village to buy toilet paper.”