Morning Media Summary


Researcher Says That 8% of Android Apps Are Leaking Private Information:
“Android has had its fair share of malware problems. Whenever malware are detected, Google reacts swiftly and remove them. However, according to security researcher Neil Daswani, around 8% of the apps on the Android market are leaking private user data.”

Big tech names Dell, Torvalds among Google+ early adopters
“Part of the buzz this week about Google+ is that Google is reportedly working to lure celebrities such as Lady Gaga to its new social network service with verified accounts. Not sure if tech big shots beyond Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg count as celebrities, but the list of the technology industry’s biggest names using Google+ is on the rise.”

Google Is Closing Google Labs:
“Google Labs has been one of the most interesting things about Google. We get to try out new and crazy ideas coming out from the Google engineers, that are not yet ready for full release.”:

Global Warming / Environment / Energy:

UN security council to consider climate change peacekeeping:
“A special meeting of the United Nations security council is due to consider whether to expand its mission to keep the peace in an era of climate change.”

Insurance / Gambling:

Best in Blogs: Should Insurance Provide Free Birth Control?:
“Should insurance provide free birth control? Is the calorie count on your restaurant menu correct? And how is Michele Bachmann dealing with the stories about her migraines? A look at some of the most interesting stories on the Wall Street Journal blogs.”

Health / Safety:

Attack of the Urban Mosquitoes:
“The Asian tiger mosquito, named for its distinctive black-and-white striped body, is a relatively new species to the U.S. that is more vicious, harder to kill and, unlike most native mosquitoes, bites during the daytime. It also prefers large cities over rural or marshy areas—thus earning the nickname among entomologists as “the urban mosquito.””


Germany, France break euro bailout deadlock:
“German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the eurozone’s key players, agreed on a “common position” after late-night talks in Berlin just hours before the summit in Brussels, the French president’s office said.”

Calif. Court rules in favor of LA grocery workers:
“A city law designed to protect the jobs of grocery workers is legally enforceable, the California Supreme Court ruled on Monday.”


Judge Throws Out Kaiser Elections:
“The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has just thrown out the results of the September/October 2010 representation election at Kaiser Permanente, the huge California based Health Maintenance Organization. The ruling, by an administrative law judge, has handed California healthcare workers a stunning victory.”

Transportation/ Land Use:

Analysis: California bullet trains may not leave station
“The authority overseeing its launch released on Tuesday a statement heralding bright prospects for California if political leaders go forward with the 800-mile system.”