Morning Media Summary


Showbiz Sandbox 112: Why Netflix Had To Raise Its Prices:
“You would have thought the world was coming to an end last week after popular movie streaming service Netflix raised its prices by 60%. The company’s customers took to blogs and social networks in revolt, threatening to cancel their subscriptions. However, between the cost of mailing DVDs and paying increased licensing fees for content, a Netflix rate hike was inevitable. Is Netflix still one of the best movie bargains available today, and if not, are there any alternatives?”

Global Warming / Environment / Energy:

U.S. Urges U.N. Security Council to Make ‘Climate Change’ A Priority:
“For the first time in four years, the U.N. Security Council debated Wednesday whether climate change should be considered a priority worthy of the council’s attention, but it failed to reach agreement on the politically charged issue.”

Insurance / Gambling:

Colorado gaming regulators to review tax loophole for casinos
“Newly appointed gaming regulators will review a loophole in the state’s casino-licensing regulation that operators are using to trim their tax bills.”

Health / Safety:

Detroit 3 automakers hope to reduce health care costs in next UAW contract:
“General Motors, Ford and Chrysler hope to work with the UAW to lower their health care costs for active workers in contract talks that begin next week, but the union plans to resist higher costs for its members.”


Athens’ ability to stay course in doubt:
“While the financial markets and economists were impressed with the size and generosity of official support for Greece, there was much less confidence that private investors will take enough of a hit to make its debt sustainable in the medium term.”


Video: Police officer threatens concealed-carry driver with execution, beating; Update: Officer relieved of duty, under investigation:
“Ohio’s concealed-carry law requires anyone stopped by police to immediately notify the officer if they are armed. Failure to do so is a first-class misdemeanor that can result in a six-month jail term and a thousand-dollar fine, as well as losing the license to carry. It’s usually not considered a death penalty offense, unless one gets pulled over in Canton, Ohio, in a case highlighted today by Ohioans for Concealed Carry:”

Justice Department Prepares Subpoeneas In News Corp. Inquiry:
“The Justice Department is putting together subpoenas as part of its probe into allegations of criminal misconduct by News Corp., the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday night. The subpoenas are a sign that the phone hacking crisis surrounding the company is becoming a more serious problem in the U.S.”


Judge rules against SEIU in California fight:
“A judge ruled this week that the Service Employees International Union improperly coerced workers caught in the middle of SEIU’s high-stakes turf battle with a breakaway union in California, potentially invalidating a 2010 election involving 43,500 employees.”

Transportation/ Land Use:

Farmers protest plan for high-speed rail:
“Farmer John Tos proposed three alternate options for the California high-speed rail line at a community forum Thursday.”