Morning Media Summary


Google Blames Human for Robot Car Crash:
“A woman claiming to have witnessed the accident involving one of Google’s robot-controlled cars says that five cars were involved, not two, as Google asserts in a statement.”

Having a satellite dish ‘is a human,’ says European court:
“It is regarded as a luxury that allows people to watch top sport and blockbuster movies from the comfort of their armchairs.”

8 Technical Methods That Make the Protect IP Act Useless:
“Hiding your IP address, using a proxy, using the onion router and obtaining an IP address to a website so you won’t have to rely on a public DNS server – these seem like a very intimidating tasks for the unprepared. To be honest, when I first chose to try and figure these out, it seemed intimidating even to me – especially given that I don’t really even make use of proxy servers (or do any of the above for that matter). So really, I felt that I could relate to a number of moderately informed users on these topics.”

Communication breakdown: Thousands of Verizon workers up and down east coast go on strike:
“More than a fifth of the wireless giant’s work force has gone on strike as contract negotiations for the wireline division broke down last night.”

Global Warming / Environment / Energy:

As Sun Storms Ramp Up, Electric Grid Braces for Impact:
“Storms are brewing about 93 million miles (150 million kilometers) away, and if one of them reaches Earth, it could knock out communications, scramble GPS, and leave thousands without power for weeks to months.”

Insurance / Gambling:

Jail sentences a sure bet for match fixers:
“In a move supported by the AFL, the specific offence of match fixing would be introduced instead of relying on anti-fraud laws.”

Health / Safety:

Man Dies At New York Triathlon:
“One person has died and another is in critical condition after getting in trouble during the swimming portion of the Nautica New York City Triathlon.”


S&P executive: 1 in 3 chance of future downgrade:
“A Standard & Poor’s official says there is a 1 in 3 chance that the U.S. credit rating could be downgraded another notch if conditions erode over the next six to 24 months.”


Woman Claims TSA Agents Took Her Insulin Before Boarding Flight:
“The Transportation Security Administration has apologized to an Aurora woman after taking her insulin before she boarded a flight.”

Cokie Roberts on Downgrade: ‘The Problem That We Have Here Is the Constitution’:
“ABC’s Cokie Roberts said something on national television Sunday that made her colleague George Will shake his head on camera.”


SEIU-UHW And Other SF Unions Literally In Bed With Bosses-Fronting For Chamber Of Commerce:
“As Andy Stern pushes for tax cuts for the Fortune 500, SEIU’s trustees in California have teamed up with the Chamber of Commerce to block important health reform efforts in San Francisco. Check this out.”

Transportation/ Land Use:

Brown has way out of high-speed rail mess:
“When Jerry Brown began his first stint as California governor in 1975, he soon became embroiled in an intense controversy over setting aside lanes in Los Angeles of the extremely congested Santa Monica Freeway (Interstate 10) for carpools.”