Morning Media Summary


News Corp. Launches Digital Daily:
“News Corp. on Wednesday unveiled The Daily, a tablet newspaper that Chairman Rupert Murdoch described as “the model” for making news gathering a viable business in the digital age.”
Ottawa to reverse CRTC Internet billing decision:
“A controversial CRTC decision that effectively imposed usage-based Internet billing on small service providers will be reversed, the Toronto Star has learned.”

Global Warming / Environment / Energy:

Obama issues global warming rules in January, gives GE an exemption in February:
“Last month, the Obama EPA began enforcing new rules regulating the greenhouse gas emissions from any new or expanded power plants.”

Insurance / Gambling:

Barnett to fight federal gambling regulations:
“The Federal Government is working on an overhaul of gambling regulations as part of its deal to secure the support of the independent M-P Andrew Wilkie.”

Health / Safety:

Mary Katharine Ham presents: How Four Loko became ethanol:

Video: The skin gun:
“Rarely do science vids go viral, but after 100,000 views in just a single day, this one’s on its way. And with good reason: It’s an astounding breakthrough, immediately relevant to soldiers and firefighters (and, no doubt, to plastic surgeons). Gizmodo first blogged about it back in 2008 and scoffed that we’d see it anytime soon given social conservative objections to using stem cells. Turns out that’s not a problem, though. As you’ll see, it’s the victim’s own cells that are used in the “paint,” not embryonic ones. Mind-blowing stuff.”

“Progress”: New York City bans smoking in public parks for some reason:
“What choice did they have? If you’re in the park and someone next to you lights up, your options are limited. You could, I suppose, step two feet away and solve the problem, but then that poor bastard with a cancer stick in his mouth will still keep puffing away, ruining his lungs.”


S.E.C. Hurt by Disarray in Its Books:
“If a company’s financial reporting were so bad that its auditor had pointed out significant weaknesses in its accounting for seven years running, the Securities and Exchange Commission would most likely be all over it.”

Some 43 Million Use Food Stamps:
“Nearly a year and a half into the economic recovery, some 43.6 million Americans continued to rely on food stamps in November.”

World food prices reach new record:
“World food prices hit a new record high in January after rising for a seventh consecutive month, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said Thursday, warning the poor would be hit hardest.”


Upton investigates Obamacare advertising campaign, stimulus funding:
“Top GOP health-care official Rep. Fred Upton is taking a close look at the Obama administration’s advertising blitz for Obamacare, giving the president two weeks to provide all documents related to the P.R. push that included spots by aging TV star Andy Griffith.”


SEIU fights healthcare repeal after obtaining waivers from law:
“The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is lobbying hard against the amendment offered by Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) to repeal the healthcare reform law.”

Health care workers union claims victory over smaller rival:
“The ongoing clash between two unions battling to represent Northern California health care workers has taken another turn – with the larger, more established combatant claiming victory.”

Transportation/ Land Use:

City to Seize Land in Queens:
“Seeking to kick-start a massive Queens real-estate development project conceived in the boom years, the Bloomberg administration is moving to seize a portion of the site from private property owners.”

Hunter business chamber welcomes high speed rail study:
“Chamber President, Brett Derwin says high-speed rail would be a major boost to the region’s economy.”