Morning Media Summary


TechCrunch Interview: Senator Al Franken Talks Net Neutrality ( And His Morning Workout Routine ):
“If you care about the well-being of the Internet, you care about net neutrality. You just might not realize it yet.”
Cell phones are ‘Stalin’s dream,’ says free software movement:
“Nearly three decades into his quest to rid the world of proprietary software, Richard Stallman sees a new threat to user freedom: smartphones.”

We May Not Have a ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Online:
“As the amount of information we share online grows along with the data that gets collected — with or without our permission — there is a growing call for more online privacy protection, both in the US and Europe.”

Hacker Group Anonymous Releases Claimed Bank of America Emails:
“The loose-knit hacker collective known as “Anonymous” released emails early Monday that it obtained from a former employee of Bank of America Corp., accusing it of “fraud” and of improperly foreclosing on homes.”

Senior Journalist implicated in hacking scandal: BBC:
“The ongoing newspaper phone-hacking scandal intensified Monday after the BBC’s Panorama programme accused a former senior journalist of hiring a private eye to illegally obtain army secrets.”

Internet will soon be top choice to get news in America as it overtakes newspapers for first time:
“The rapid growth of smartphones and electronic tablets is making the internet favourite for people seeking news, a report released today said.”

Global Warming / Environment / Energy:

Japan Faces Potential Nuclear Disaster as Radiation Levels Rise:
“Japan’s nuclear crisis verged toward catastrophe on Tuesday after an explosion damaged the vessel containing the nuclear core at one reactor and a fire at another spewed large amounts of radioactive material into the air, according to the statements of Japanese government and industry officials.”

How a moratorium on nuclear power could stop Obama’s clean energy agenda in its tracks:
“Even as the fate of the nuclear reactors in earthquake-ravaged Japan remains unclear, the Obama administration’s clean energy agenda has been put into jeopardy by the threat of Japan’s nuclear nightmare.”

Insurance / Gambling:

Local leaders extend moratoriums blocking Internet cafes:
“Miamisburg City Council is expected to extend a 90-day temporary moratorium against the opening of Internet cafes in the city while officials develop regulations to control the businesses.”

Health / Safety:

Members of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania to strike at Pocono Medical Center – Update:
“Members of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania will strike the Pocono Medical Center for three days, beginning 7 a.m. Tuesday, according to a news release from the union.”

Japan radioactivity could enter food chain, children at risk:
“Experts said any exposure to radioactive materials has the potential to cause various kinds of cancers, with higher levels of radiation seen as more dangerous.”


Japan Stocks Suffer Worst 2-Day Rout Since ‘87:
“Japanese stocks plunged 10.6 percent on Tuesday, posting the worst two-day losing streak since 1987, on reports of rising radiation near Tokyo, suggesting any deterioration at a quake-hit nuclear plant could trigger more panic selling led by hedge funds.”

Cuba Sentences U.S. Contractor:
“An American working for a covert U.S. program in Cuba was sentenced Saturday to 15 years in prison in the island, the Cuban government said, a verdict that promises to further disrupt relations between the two countries.”


Clark County and Union Reach Agreement:
“Clark County and one of the largest unions in the state have come to a new contract agreement.”

Wisconsin Public Unions Ram Through Last Minute Contracts Ahead of New Union Law:
“Wisconsin’s Secretary of State Doug La Follette said a bill taking away public workers’ collective-bargaining rights will take effect on March 26 so that schools and local governments have time to pass contract extensions between now and then. The liberal democrat will not sign the bill immediately in order for unions to take advantage of the extra time to ram through contracts.”

Transportation/ Land Use:

When Rail Becomes Ridiculous:
“I often find it hard to convince environmentalists that I really am a rail buff who likes dense, walkable development, and the planet. If that’s so, they ask, why do I spend so much time harping on the problems with high speed rail?”