Most Important Brands for Women: Marketing Works!

Today NBC Universal releases the results of their survey tallying the most important brands for women. Wal-Mart, Target, and eBay are women’s favorite brands:

September results for its new monthly brand index rates — in order, after Wal-Mart, Target, and eBay — Verizon, Ford, Coca-Cola, iPhone, AT&T, Honda, Pepsi, iPod, Amazon, Toyota, Sears, Similac, Bank of America, Microsoft, Netflix, Tylenol, McDonald’s, Sprint, Kohl’s, Chevrolet, Samsung, and Comcast.

Perhaps more interesting than which brands women prefer is the advertising methods that best capture women’s attention. Evidently whatever brands satisfy women’s default preferences in the summertime, television reruns doldrums fall to the wayside as soon as prime time reminds us what we really prefer:

Getting a big push from the start of the broadcast TV season, a number of brands showed lift. Dr. Pepper, was one of the biggest gainers moving up, gaining 19 places to 64th-best brand for women from 83. The soft drink had a high-profile mention on Fox’s “Glee,” for example. Sears, a major sponsor CBS’ “Survivor: Nicaragua,” gained 5 spots from 19 to 14. Netflix, with a big overall NBC Universal online video sponsorship, gained 2 spots from 20 to 18.

We’re all just keeping up with the Joneses, yo. Says NBCU Women & Lifestyle Entertainment Networks strategic research insights vice president Tony Cardinale: “Social media campaigns continue to spark a lot of dialogue and move the needle, and television remains a powerful influence. We saw multiple cases where strategic TV exposures corresponded with more brand activity.”

Good for Ford, Verizon, Coca Cola, et al. for boosting sales via product placement rather than tax-funded bailouts!