Mr. President, Time to call out the National Guard!

Living and working well inside the Beltway as I do,  I’m often a little out of touch with the hurly-burly of American life.  So I was surprised to learn from an e-mail yesterday from Justin Ruben of that right-wing mobs are rampaging in our streets and shouting at Members of Congress.  I imagine that most Americans are as shocked about this as I am.  Nothing like it ever happened during President Bush’s invasion and occupation of Iraq or the Republican Congress’s continual attempts to starve orphans and widows.  The left always made their objections politely and using good grammar.  Code Pink were a charming group of people.  I don’t even remember an inappropriate slogan on a tee-shirt or a bumper sticker.

MoveOn seem to think that they can launch an adequate response to the mob’s rampages by raising a mere $210,000.  That would buy a lot of pitchforks, but I’ve heard that farm supply stores across the country are sold out.  Thus I don’t think that such a paltry sum is going to do it.  No, I think it’s not too soon for the President to call out the National Guard to restore order.  He should impose a 7 PM curfew on small towns and rural areas and on people over sixty in cities.   A month or so of martial law, and the Congress and the Obama Administration can return refreshed to the critical tasks of  enacting energy-rationing legislation, enacting health-care-rationing legislation, and doubling the national debt in five or six years.  Then we shall see what can be achieved when the people are made to quiet down and get out of the way.