Nanny State Beer

Nanny state regulators in the United Kingdom have been up in arms about a beer–Tokyo released by BrewDog— that dares to contain just over 18 percent alcohol! One legislator even submitted a motion in the Scotland Parliament condemning the beer. Others have called for for regulations. “It is completely irresponsible and a real worry … It highlights the need for a mandatory code for the alcohol industry to prevent irresponsible drinks promotions such as this,” noted a representative of a the UK-based British Liver Trust.

BrewDog’s response? As recently reported by the blog BevLaw, BrewDog markets a product called “Nanny State Beer” for all those regulators and others who just can’t control themselves! It has just 1.1 percent alcohol. Its label reads:

Society today is an all too dangerous place.

ASBO-ed [Anti-Social Behaviour Order] three year olds loitering in alley ways, CCTV [Closed-circuit television] recording our every move and misplaced suitcases grinding entire public transport infrastructures to a halt.

No wonder you’ve been reduced to a quivering wreck, battening down the hatches at three in the afternoon with Ofcom [Office of Communications] on speed dial.

At BrewDog we appreciate your inability to know your limits – especially when it comes to alcohol – which is why we’ve created Nanny State.

This idiosyncratic little beer is a gentle smack in the right direction.

It’s time to draw your net curtains, sit back with Nanny and watch your favourite episode of Last Of The Summer Wine. It’s finally safe to enjoy alcohol again.

Please note: BrewDog recommends that you only drink this beer whilst wearing the necessary personal protective equipment and in a premises that has passed a full health and safety risk assessment for optimum enjoyment.

Good that BrewDog has a sense of humor, and fortunately, their products remain on the market–at least for now. What’s not funny, is the growing nanny-state mentality and what it can do to our freedoms. Beer is just one of their many targets. Watch out for regulations on soda, car windows, water, and even your waistline!

Image: From BrewDog blog site.