New CEI Release: One Nation, Ungovernable?

Question: What do you get when you combine a $700 billion “stimulus” package, $1.1 trillion in wealth-destroying regulatory compliance costs, a mountainous non-discretionary entitlement obligation, bailouts for large manufacturers, an small army of unelected czars, and a $1.4 federal budget deficit?

Answer: Way too much government!

In a new CEI paper, One Nation, Ungovernable?, Clyde Wayne Crews lays out an agenda for setting America on the path to economic recovery. From lifting burdensome regulations and restrictions on executive compensation to fostering competition and restraining federal spending, Crews calls for an end to the “bailout culture” that’s spread throughout the capitol, and a return to more responsible policies that promote growth and liberty.

As Crews notes, “If government intervention were stimulative, the nation should be overflowing with wealth and job creation already.” Obviously, the folks on Capitol Hill got it wrong. Wealth comes from policies that unleash the creativity and industriousness of private citizens and companies, not from massive regulation or wasteful government  “investment.”  Deregulation and markets encourage competition and growth and create jobs.

Calling all legislators: please take a few moments and read One Nation, Ungovernable? Fret not, at only six pages, it’s far shorter than most of the tax-and-spend bills you’ll see this year.