New property rights defense

What to do when busybody neighbors try to tell you what you can and cannot do on your own property — and seek local government’s help to impose their wishes? In the case of on Colorado man, do something your nosy neighbors will hate even more. (Make sure to watch the video embedded in the story).

People in the small mountain town of Allenspark are drawing up the battle lines.

The controversy began when Jeff Mead wanted to open an ATV rental store there.

But nearby neighbors complained about the noise and enviromental impact.

Margie Patterson says Mead’s clients have damaged pristine private land, a claim Mead dismisses.

The Boulder County Planning Commission recently denied the businessman a special-use permit to open his business.

So Mead put out a banner on his building which reads,”Patterson’s XXX Porn Gallery”.

Fittingly, the story is listed in under a “Hero” tag.