New Survey: Americans Say No to Energy Diet

Pollster Michael McKenna just released his latest survey on what Americans think about enviro issues, particularly global warming. Some interesting findings:

1.  Environmental issues as a whole, not just global warming, still rank almost dead last among issues voters are most concerned about. Only 3% of the 1,000 respondents said the environment was the most pressing issue facing the U.S. right now. (The top issues, btw, are Iraq and security. No surprise there.)

2.  On just environmental issues, climate change is the top priority for the voters surveyed.

3.  Despite that, a majority of the respondents do not want the government to intervene with mandated carbon reductions. Fifty-two percent believe advances in technology will solve any problems from global warming.

4.  Unfortunately, the survey found “there may be some misunderstanding or overestimation of the contributions of humans in the United States to global warming. About a third of the respondents think that Americans are responsible for at least half of the global warming.”  McKenna said, given that answer, it’s not surprising that the global warming issue has now become an important environmental priority.

The alarmists have apparently succeeded in making Americans think global warming is our fault. But it’s interesting how the “experts” think we need to go on an energy starvation diet, while the average, uninformed American realizes that man’s ingenuity will take care of any problems without destroying our quality of life. Thank goodness for the “common man”!