No holiday cheer in Rosia Montana

Yule never came to Rosia Montana, Romania, this year. With the help of activists such as billionaire George Soros and British actress Vanessa Redgrave, it seems that Western European activists has prevented an environmental cleanup and a sustainable livelihood for the 4,000 people who live there.

Like getting a lump of coal, the poor people of Rosia Montana had their dreams for improved quality of life and prosperity for their village crushed. They will have to continue to live with no electricity, go to the bathroom in drafty sheds in their yards, and scrounge a meager living out of foraging for food in the polluted forest that Gabriel Resources wanted to pay to clean up.

It is hard to mount a publicity campaign to match Greenpeace et al. when you don’t even have electricity to get a web page up or start email campaigns.

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