Obama Blunders in Honduras and Afghanistan

The U.S. is meddling in Honduras to prop up an anti-American ruler backed by Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. After Honduran president Manuel Zelaya attempted to expand and perpetuate his rule by holding a referendum declared illegal by his country’s supreme court, and ignored objections by his country’s Congress (and even members of his own party), he was removed by his country’s military and replaced by the Congress. Now, Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are seeking his reinstatement.

This makes no sense at all. How would we in the United States feel if foreigners attacked us for removing our President (as Congress came close to doing with Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, who were both impeached), for seeking to make himself a dictator? Why should the U.S. meddle in other countries to help hostile rulers who have mismanaged their own countries and never helped us?

The Obama Administration is also needlessly undermining our intelligence-gathering capabilities by giving Miranda warnings to terrorists in Afghanistan. That can only harm our national security. Nothing in the Constitution or international law gives such enemy combatants Miranda rights on foreign soil.