Oh, the Humanity!

Perhaps the most amusing moment of last night’s election coverage came from Chris Matthews, while he was interviewing congressional has-been Dick Gephardt. Let’s go to the transcript:

MATTHEWS: We have a lot of regular people in the U.S. House of Representatives. And I’m about to introduce a former member of the House who was a very regular guy, although he has advanced degrees from great universities, Dick Gephardt. Thank you, sir.

GEPHARDT: Good to be with you.

MATTHEWS: Well, you haven’t gotten fat like a lot of ex-politicians. I’ll give you that. I saw Gore the other night. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was seeing the Hindenburg coming by. And there you are; You’re looking great. How’s Jane?

GEPHARDT: She’s keeping me thin and trim.

Now, we at Open Market would never make an issue of someone’s weight. Matthews, however, may still be on to something.

Can too many PowerPoint presentations lead to weight gain?

Gore is, after all, an advocate of alternative transportation solutions, like hybrid cars. And he’s in favor of new energy technologies like hydrogen fuel cells. And the Hindenburg, after all, was a
zeppelin filled with hydrogen. Possibly without realizing it, Matthews has pointed the way toward a bold new non-polluting future of transportation in the U.S.— giant fleets of eco-friendly dirigibles, sailing majestically through the Gore-approved skies. Someone give the blimp people at Goodyear Al’s phone number, we’ve got a deal to make.

I’m sure they’ll have those incendiary kinks worked out soon

Thanks to Ivan for finding the transcript.