Is the Chevy Volt really new technology? General Motors justifies its profit losses on the automobile by claiming it’s a long-term investment in a brand new technology.  But CEI’s Chris Horner says that while Volt’s 21st century styling may be new, the idea of a car that runs on electricity dates to the mid-19th century. Horner argues that’s just one more reason to abandon this heavily discounted, government-subsidized car.

As he told Chris Woodward of OneNewsNow:

“This is akin to subsidizing horses to create a market for the brand-new technology, the buggywhip. I suggest that electric car promoters, windmill touts and others hyping 19th-century failures as newly invented miracles opt for decidedly more careful language to avoid embarrassment, or even to fend off legal challenge.”

Watch for Horner’s new book, The Liberal War on Transparency, due out in early October.