OpenMarket welcomes RealClearMarkets

For the past few political seasons, diehard political buffs will frequently visit one site to get the latest info on various races and campaigns: The site offers a compendium of original analysis and links to the most informative political stories from various publications.

This primary season is no exception, but now there’s something new. For those of us who also like to follow the market, which itself has had its twists and turns in the news lately, RCP now has a sister site: We encourage all OpenMarket readers to check RCM out. It is the same format as RCP: links to variety of views on economic policy (with more than a few statist, as well as free-market, columns included) with penetrating original analysis.

The editor of RCM is, in fact, a good friend of CEI and OpenMarket. John Tamny has emerged as one of the brightest of a new generation of free-market commentators. He has direct experience in the financial field, having managed investment accounts at Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse in New York City. And his sharp writings on supply-side economics have appeared in publications such as National Review and TCSDaily.

CEI’s Center for Entrepreneurship was privileged to have Tamny as a speaker last year at our Conference on Entrepreneurs, the Stock Market and the American Dream. He gave a ringing defense of letting the market, not the government, decide executive pay. You can watch his speech here.

Also, read Tamny’s latest article in National Review Online on how subprime policies — threats of overtaxation and overregulation — may be what’s spooking the markets now.

May RCM — with hopefully much use of CEI material — inform as many people on the way markets work as RCP has educated on how politics works.