Opposing Genocidal Anti-American Dictator Is Deportable Offense, Say Immigration Bureaucrats

U.S. immigration authorities have denied Saman Ahmad permission to stay permanently in the U.S.  He put his life on the line for four years as a translator for American forces for Iraq.  “Ahmad left the country after he was branded a ‘collaborator’ from mosque pulpits in Anbar province and posters calling for his death began appearing there.”

Since former translators are subjected to murder and unspeakable tortures if they are captured by Al Qaeda or Iraqi insurgents, he sought asylum in the U.S. after the conclusion of his service, supported by commendations from the Navy Secretary and General Petraeus.

He now risks being deported, and was barred from staying in the U.S. permanently because of his opposition to Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s genocidal former dictator! 

“Last month, however, the U.S. government turned down Ahmad’s application for permanent residence, known as a green card. His offense: Ahmad had once been part of the Kurdish Democratic Party, which U.S. immigration officials deemed an ‘undesignated terrorist organization’ for having sought to overthrow former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

“Ahmad, a Kurd, once served in the KDP’s military force, which is part of the new Iraqi army. A U.S. ally, the KDP is now part of the elected government of the Kurdish region and holds seats in the Iraqi parliament. After consulting public Web sites, however, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services determined that KDP forces ‘conducted full-scale armed attacks and helped incite rebellions against Hussein’s regime, most notably during the Iran-Iraq war, Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.’

“Ahmad’s association with a group that had attempted to overthrow a government — even as an ally in U.S.-led wars against Hussein — rendered him ‘inadmissible,’ the agency concluded in a three-page letter dated Feb. 26.”

This is the same immigration bureaucracy that approved the student visa applications of the 9-11 hijackers six months after they committed mass murder by flying planes into the World Trade Center and killing 3,000 people.

Apparently fighting genocidal, anti-American dictators bars you from staying in America, but killing thousands of Americans doesn’t. 

We wrote earlier about America’s dysfunctional immigration system, and how some left-wing politicians in Congress favor anti-American dictators over America’s allies.