Other Things On Their Way Out

The Washington Post runs a very interesting story about things on their way out. The list includes “truly blind dates” (we now have Google), Rolodexes (we now have Outlook), watching the nightly network news (I honestly don’t think I ever have) and even modern-within-the last-few-years Friendster and CRT computer monitors. I have a few more:

Electric Can Openers: My parents had one. I do not. There are more self-opening packages and because they cannot be washed, electric can openers pose a health hazard.

Local Department Stores: I’m pretty sure that there are no true department stores left in the United States or Canada that have only one location. (Although they remain rather common in other countries.)

Salad Bars Outside of Institutional Settings: Even 10 years ago, a number of chains had salad bars. Today, very few offer them. I know of only one D.C.-area restaurant that still has one today.

Any more suggestions?