“Our Planet” has a MySpace page!

Turns out “our planet” has a MySpace page. I ask you: full of pomposity? Just puttin’ that out there. I’m all in favor of a group promoting its cause, even if it’s a woolly-headed, tree-hugging one. But one can cross a line of…what shall we call it? Good taste? The laugh test? Credibility? Sorta like creating a MySpace page for “God” (and, no, I’m not going to see if someone has!). Or, remember when the anti-tobacco forces actually copyrighted (or tried to?) “The Truth”?! Copyright the truth? Yeeaaah.


Anyhow, turns out “our planet” strongly resembles a slick corporate campaign– not yer typical MySpace profile, let me tell ya. Plugs for Google, Greenpeace, Think Organic, probably other enterprises. But, hey, at least they’ve had the good taste to disable the blinky-blinky picture comments so popular with many of the MySpace set!