Pachauri loses face, and temper, in Norway

Norwegian author Onar Ã…m, took IPCC chairman Rajendra Kumar Pachauri to task at a debate at the University of Stavanger, Norway on Monday this week.

Ã…m published his book “Battle Over Climate —In Defense of Humanity” in December at the Press Club in Oslo. I have only leafed through the book so far, but it’s chock-full of hard science, mixed up with the same moral argument that Bjørn Lomborg makes: we have to prioritize our resources, and poverty is more pressing than anything else. He is also a very well known figure in the Norwegian blogosphere.

According to Norwegian Aftenbladet, Pachauri had done his usual alarmist presentation in a good mood. He even included a joke about 20-30 percent of species dying out as a cause of global warming, and this extinction would include climate skeptics.

Ã…m had done his homework and disproved the outrageous statements, and concluded by accusing the IPCC of committing scientific fraud. One of his strongest points was the scientific critique of the hockey graph that the climate alarmists love so much.

Personally, I have read so many science reports discrediting that graph that it is hard to believe that IPCC is still using it with a straight face, but that is just my meager science reporter’s opinion…

Pachauri did not take kindly to the accusation of scientific fraud, but was not able to turn room back around after Ã…m’s devastating debunking, according to Aftenbladet.

After the debate, Aftenbladet asked Ã…m what his scientific credentials on climate science was, and Ã…m answered “I have the same credentials as Al Gore”.