Penn and Teller on Organics

The irreverent and hilarious comedians Penn and Teller have produced another episode of their television show Bullshit about organic foods.  Friends of CEI, Ron Bailey and Alex Avery, make appearances. The episode, titled “The Organicsons” blows the proverbial whistle on the alleged “local-ness” or organics:

“Some people eat organic foods because they want to support small local farms – but eating organically might mean you’re getting your food from giant corporations or China.”

Penn and Teller note that they have nothing against giant corporations – indeed, they have some good things to say about big businesses. But they do skewer yet another free range sacred cow, and that always makes their show fun to watch.

The episode first aired last night on the Showtime pay-cable network, but you can watch the trailer and get scheduling information here.