Pennsylvania’s IRS Knows Where You Live

The IRS might have a lot of dirt on you…but do they have to be so creepy about it?

The incredibly Orwellian video below has been making the rounds lately, but I thought it would be worth a repost.

What makes this video so chilling for me isn’t the simulated satellite camera feed or the narrator’s synthesized voice, but the notion that the IRS knows the power it has over the taxpayer and openly flaunts it to a degree approaching parody. The truth is, there’s nothing funny about paying taxes. Taxes are an act of force initiated by government against an individual.

If you think about it, there are basically three ways of making money:

(1) It’s given as a gift.

(2) It’s earned by trading a good or sevice.

(3) It’s stolen or taken under threat of force.

Think about what happens if you don’t pay your taxes and then tell me, which method does government use?