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OpenMarket: Marc Scribner

  • Horse Racing As A Public Good?

    April 15, 2009
    Maryland politicians really have their hands full as the legislative session draws to a close. Instead of focusing on their state’s looming long-term budget crisis, the Maryland General Assembly and Governor Martin O’Malley spent yesterday working on a far more important issue: authorizing the use of public resources to seize and operate the Preakness Stakes.

    The owner of the Preakness and its Pimlico race track, Magna Entertainment, is currently in federal bankruptcy.  Last week, a Baltimore Sun editorial compared the oh-so-dire situation to the 1984 Baltimore Colts’ move to Indianapolis (in part...
  • Prediction 2009: No Net Neutrality Regulation

    January 2, 2009
    Perhaps this is just wishful thinking, but I think that 2009 may see the death of calls for net neutrality regulation and may even see some of the most ardent supporters of neutrality soften their stances as it becomes painfully obvious that non-neutral arrangements for distributing content—especially large files like movies and digitally-distributed software—are the best way for the maturing Internet to deal with the accelerating amount of content online.

    But before I address why I think more proponents of neutrality regulation will be jumping ship this year, we should break down the neutrality debate into its constituent parts.  I think its most useful to think of net neutrality as three separate policy questions—one dealing with censorship, one addressing the issue of prioritizing traffic, and the other dealing with the physical architecture of the Internet.



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